Following to the Consumers’ Protection Law, approved on October 25th, 2013, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has issued a new administrative regulation regarding the online trading. This regulation specifically addresses the issue of online sales operators and online trades platform. It contains and further specify provisions set forth in the Consumers’ Protection Law, such as the right for the consumers to return the goods purchased online within seven days from the receipts of some goods (with some exception), the restriction for individuals engaged in online sales to use third parties online sales platforms only, the obligation for legal entities engaged in online sales to provide in the online platform copy of their business license and other identification information, etc.
This regulation however also covers areas beyond the protection of the consumers: for instance, it specify which activities may constitute “unfair competition”, such as self-enhancing the reputation of an online sales operator, damaging the reputation of a competitor, etc., and it sets administrative sanctions for violation of its provisions, ranging from an order to correct a certain violation up to monetary fines.
This regulation will be in force from March 15th, 2014 and at the same time the Interim measures for the behavior of commodities and services online traders is repealed.
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