The Supreme People’s Court launched an internet platform that shall provide information regarding debtors or suspected debtors under trial. Such platform will allow users to verify whether a certain counterpart has ever been sentenced or is under trial in cases where it is a debtor by simply connecting to the website and typing the suspected debtor’s name (or company name, as the case may be) and/or ID information (or organizational code for enterprises).

The service is free of charge and it will certainly provide a useful tools to businessman that, by carrying out a due diligence, are willing to find out if their counterparts or prospective business partners are under trial or have been sentenced in cases where they are debtors. In addition, it certainly increase the transparency level of PRC judicial system by providing important information to the general public.

Of course abuses of this tools may be a risk (let’s just imagine a bogus trial started against a competitor in order to discredit it long enough to let it lose an important business opportunity) but as usual, there are always risks when information are made public.

For whoever may be interested to use the platform, the address is the following:

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