Today’s edition of China Daily reports the news of a plan submitted by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) to the State Council regarding the enterprise incorporation procedure. The plan should introduce a system of registration that will allow to obtain the “license without the certificate”, thus greatly simplifying the whole procedure. It is reported that, as balance for such simplification, the plan also put in place a tighter controlling and verification system of the newly established enterprises.

We haven’t been able to check the original text of the plan, so we are not able at the moment to report the scope and applicability of the proposal: considering the potential great influence for foreign investments in China, as soon as additional news will be released we will promptly report them, and we will evaluate whether this plan, if approved, will in fact results in an actual advantage for infestors and enterprises or if, considering the additional check and controls that the authorities may out in place, the disadvantages will outweigh the benefits.

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