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Our Consulting Services

  • Support in Negotiations

    To negotiate with partners having different cultural background could be often a serious obstacle to the success of a business. In addition, in order to invest in a foreign Country additional measures to protect our own interests shall be put in place from the initial stage of negotiation with any counterpart.

    The experience of our Professionals, acquired in over ten years of presence in the Country, together with their own technical knowledge, are fully able to support the Company’s Clients in dealing with their local partners, not only by providing all the instruments for a better protection of their interests, but also by providing advice on how overcome cultural differences and help in creating that trust that is important for all business transaction.

  • PRC Company Establishment

    Our Company has a great experience in establishing foreign invested enterprises in China, including WFOEs (wholly foreign – owned enterprises) and Joint Venture Companies, not only in providing the necessary documents, but also in liaising with the competent PRC authorities.

    In fact, the presence in our office of professionals from several Countries allows us to provide precise and punctual information to our Clients on what documents are required for the incorporation procedure, and we use our experience to function as a “bridge” between the needs of our Clients and the requirements from Chinese authorities.

    Of course above service generally includes a preliminary consultancy on the type of entity more suitable for our Clients future business in China, how to structure the corporate governance, and, of course, once established, all the assistance for the post incorporation registrations, so to be able to deliver to our Clients a fully operational entity.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Protection of your IPR in China is paramount for our Clients interests, and we can assist you, directly and through our extensive network, in such matter in China.

    In fact we can provide you with advice on the best IPR strategy and practice, and we can support you in both the registration in the PRC of your IPR (Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and domain names), and in any administrative/judicial proceedings against infringors.

    Finally, we can supply and negotiate on your behalf IPR related contracts, such as licensing, coexistence, ownership transfer, etc.

  • Contracts Drafting and Analysis

    Our team has many years of experience in drafting and revising a great variety of commercial contracts, such as sales & distribution, licensing, OEM, rental agreements, letters of intent, agency agreements, service agreements, etc.

    We are able to provide our Clients with contracts in Chinese, Italian, English and Russian Language, so to meet their specific needs.

  • Hong Kong Company Establishment

    Our Hong Kong office will assist you in establishing a legal entity in this jurisdiction: our assistance will not be limited to drafting the necessary documentation, but, through our network, we will provide you with secretarial services, liaison activities with competent authorities, and with the bank where the corporate accounts will be open, so to be able to deliver to our Client a fully operational company.

  • Assistance for Labour Relationship

    The framework governing labour relationship establishment, management and termination has been deeply amended in the last few years and not presents aspects of complexity before unknown. Our Company, with experts on this matter, can assist and support its Clients on every phase of labour relationship, by providing tailor made employment agreements, company internal rules, advice on disciplinary procedures, and resignation/dismissals.

Our Supporting Services

  • Virtual Office

    Our Staff and premises are at your disposal: we can collect and forward your mails, answer to your call and function as your virtual office without need for you to dispatch in China in any personnel. And if, during your business trips in China, you will require the use of our premises (i.e. office desk or meeting room), you just need to call us and book them.

  • Working Space

    We can support our Clients in their business in China by making available and accessible our premises for their staff, and without the need to establish a new legal entity in the Country. Our Client may have 24/h access to the office with all its facilities (phone line, internet, printers, etc.), and use of our meeting room. Such services may be modulated to meet the specific needs of each individual Client.

  • Translation Services

    The language ability of our Professionals allow us to assist our Clients in translations from/to various languages including Russian, English, French, Chinese and Italian.

  • Management of Company’s Chops

    Company chops are a fundamental tool to control the management of a Company in China: with the chops, in fact, a company may assume liabilities and responsibilities towards third party by, for example, executing a contract. Thus, it is of a paramount importance to keep an accurate and constant vigilance on their use.

    We are therefore available to keep your company’s chop in our offices, and to supervise their use by you local staff or, according to your needs, to use this tool directly upon your authorization, so to keep you constantly aware of when and what your company is signing.